Why Laminated Business Cards

Well presented, quality laminated business cards help you as an owner of a company to develop that essential favourable first impression. A poor quality card can reflect severely on your company image so choose a print supplier with a good service on offer and you should be great.

How do we attempt to remedy the ‘quality’ problem by using Business Cards Calgary laminated cards?Business Cards 09

The cost of laminated company cards differs extremely amongst online print providers. Most of the print suppliers offer a design-your-own service whereby the onus is placed on the purchaser to spot and select an appropriate design. Fill in all the other card information and possibly upload a logo before continuing to the checkout, even before contact has been made. This suits particular business types such as the mobile hairdressing occupation, cabbies, electricians and so on where a ‘quality image’ is frequently not so important to amass work. A plain, nicely provided business card using a quality design is commonly all that is needed.Business Cards 10

A small to medium business nevertheless, in addition to any blue chip company, will have a desire to develop an instantly recognisable quality brand name, which can be produced to cover all company marketing products. In these circumstances, brand and colour consistency throughout the full variety of business stationery is important to maintain the company image.

Laminated business cards can be produced as the primary step to switching from the plain single colour or more colour business card to something that smacks of a quality design.

How is a laminated business card produced?

Business Cards 11It’s produced making use of 2 sheets of laminate confining a plain card front and back. Laminated cards differ from the plastic pouch typically made use of with the common office laminating device, which uses a much thicker laminate. Quality card lamination is measured in microns and is undetectable to the eye. The major way to check if the card is laminated is by attempting to tear one in half, or simply try rubbing the ink.

Matt lamination and gloss lamination are the main procedures provided by suppliers, depending upon your design requirement. Some individuals choose to laminate one side only and leave the other side of the card plain, but the normal process is to have both sides laminated. Whatever you may hear, it’s, in fact, a fallacy that laminated cards are a problem to write on, just get hold of a pen and try it!

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