What To Know Before Getting Pyrenees Dogs

Pyrenees dogs are among the oldest breeds of dogs in the whole world. In the past, they solely bred as war dogs, and later they were used as sheep guards in the fields. The Pyrenees are also among the least aggressive guardian dogs. Most people have adopted them as home members because they often people cherish.In fact, they are all round because they do not get stressed because you are at work the whole day.

All about Pyrenees dogs

LeadershipWhite Dog

They are born leaders so they can spend several days guarding the flocks alone. Their independence gives you peace of mind because they are ever busy and cheerful o matter the situation. Their submissiveness helps them to gain love and acceptance from people and even the flocks. Adopting one of them can be a great step in your life if you are passionate about animals.


Like any other pet, balanced diet the Pyrenees is very important. The Pyrenees require a brand of a puppy from zero to about eight months of age. They are heavy feeders, and they need to be fed with enough food that is rich protein. You should know that large breeds feed heavily, therefore, you need to buy big bowls before you buy a new dog. However, you should regulate the meals so that they do not grow overweight.


Traditionally the female Pyrenees can have up to six puppies per birth. Each puppy weighs approximately two pounds when they are born. Also, at birth, they match the size of small guinea pigs. At about six weeks, they weigh around fifteen pounds if they are under proper nutrition. They will keep adding weight till ten months then their growth will slow as they reach the adulthood weight. Males weigh from ninety to one hundred and twenty pounds while females’ weight range is around ninety-five pounds.


The common Pyrenees breed is predominantly white. Most dogs of this breed have a fluffy coat. Some of them look like bears because they have some markings on their coats. You need to keep brushing their coats at least twice in a week using a wire brush. They also shed a lot of fur during summer and winter seasons. Also, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of your house due to the amount of fur they shade.


As aforementioned these breeds are born leaders thus, they are extremely independent. Therefore, it is important that you know obedience is not their priority. You can call them even four times without their respond. Most people refer them as the dumbest dogs. They do their work based on their pace, and they do not get influenced too much by people. Their independence calls for a good physical or wireless fence to discourage them from wandering away.

Barks and howls

Dog Near LakeThe Pyrenees are frequent in barking and howling at everything that they see. They bark very loudly, but this often happens outside the house. They are engraved in this trait because they are born with protective instincts. They are the best in alerting you when anything happens outside the house.


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