Vape Mods Buying Guide

This vape mod buying guide seeks to educate all the readers without bias regardless of whether they are smokers or non-smokers. The information herein should tear the line between the facts about vape mods and the hazing ideas that surround these devices.

What’s a vape mod?Brown Vape Mod

The term mod refers to frankensienedcigalikes often made through flashlight tubes or anything that could be used. Over time the term has grown to encompass any tube style or device with more enhanced capabilities than those of variable voltage batteries and cigalikes. In this age both variable and fixed voltage batteries publicize themselves as mods, so when everything is a mod, how would you know which mod to buy?

We can agree that finding the right vape mod can be tasking especially if you consider the many vape mod varieties available in the market. The vape mod buying guide will shed some light on what you should consider for you to ensure that you get the best.

Understand your vaping needs

Consider your current and future vaping needs as you look through every vape mod feature. Some functions are a must have and those that you can work without. You can make a list of needs and as you look through each vape mod feature, choose the one that meets most if not all of them.

Work within a budget

A smart shopper will consider a budget before purchasing anything. The vape mods can range from as low as $30 to as high as $150. It is not to say that an expensive mod is the best mod rather the most important guide are the vape’s features, you may get a cheap mod that has features which encompass all your vaping needs. Another point to note is that entry level mods may not be priced like the advanced level mods.

Consider your vaping frequency

The vaping frequVape Mod Partsency has to deal with how often you vape. If you vape frequently, then your mod needs to be of high wattage and battery capacity, if not you may realize that you are tearing down your battery’s strength. User-replaceable batteries can be your best pick whereas those who vape infrequently can get themselves something inbuilt.

Ensure you get a mod worth your money

These days most mods are designed to offer more premium amenities like a micro USB charging port, backlit display and the ability to function in variable voltage.

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