Three Steps for Planning a Wedding Online

Today’s information technology has enabled us to make a plan for any events remotely, and that includes the wedding. Imagine being a German-born American who has built a professional career in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s been years since the last time you go back home, and you have tight schedules. In that case, you can rely on nothing else but your expertise in Internet research. And here is the ultimate guide for you.

1. Learn to Identify Professional Webs

Everyone can make websites now, and some people even go further by faking things up. In the past, all addresses ended up with .com or .org were supposed to be official and safe. Today, those domains do not guarantee the information contained.

As an example, you are planning to buy your dresses and suits remotely. You type the keyword on Google, and there are thousands of stores popping up in front of you. First, you should look at the authenticity of the content on the website you choose. For instance, is a perfect example of an evening wear store. The photos represent real items in the shop, and it allows you to purchase directly from the main website.

Second, check the rating stars given by the store’s customers on platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Yelp. Third, see how long the shop has been in business. The longer it is, the less risky it is since it has a reputation to maintain.

2. Hire a Capable Organizer

The easiest way to measure the professionalism of a wedding organizer is by checking their social media. Inactivity is not a good thing because it shows a lack of dedication to the job.

There are many platforms to look from, but Instagram will be the compulsory one. Posh Parties, A Good Affair, So Happi Together, Unveiled Hawaii, and Kate & Company are five wedding planners who have impressive track records. Check them out and get some inspiration from them!

3. Get in Touch with Real Referrals

Even if those reviews on Google and Yelp are legit, there might be something that is still hidden from you. When thousands of dollars are at stake, you should use all means available to dig into your wedding planner and the shops you are working with.

Asking for referrals is your right. And if there are any signs of hesitancy, then you’d be better to move to different companies. Moreover, do not be ashamed of publishing your decision online. The more exposure you give to your wedding, the less likely those people you hire are to mess things up.

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