Three Reasons Why You Should Sue for Truck Accident

In case you are debating within yourself whether to sue for a truck accident, then it is time to end the debate and go ahead. There are some reasons why you should sue for a truck accident.

Reasons to sue

Trucking Laws and Regulations

One of the foremost reasons why you should sue for a trucAccident Truckk accident is the trucking laws and regulations. In standard car accident cases, you are required to prove that the other driver did, in fact, violate the existing traffic laws and regulations.

In a truck accident, you also need to prove that indeed the truck driver violated the existing traffic laws and regulations. However, in this case, you have the added advantage of many more federal and state trucking laws and regulations to work from.

These regulations govern virtually every aspect of how the trucker and the trucking company operates a truck. In case a police report or your attorney’s investigation reveals that the driver or the trucking company flouted any of the regulations, then that makes a compelling case showing the trucker’s negligence. Therefore, the case will tilt in your favor.

High Insurance Requirements for Trucks

Another very important aspect of the federal and state regulation of trucking is the higher insurance requirements that are imposed on the owners and operators of trucks.

In other cases, the defendant is often only able to settle for the amount that he or she can afford or the highest amount permitted by their insurance company.

The higher insurance requirements that are imposed on truck owners and operators mean that the plaintiff isn’t going to be stuck with a small settlement even if the employer or driver carried only the minimum amount.

There are Multiple Defendants on Settlement

Whenever many defendants are embroiled in a lawsuit, all of them may pay the plaintiff an equal amount of damages, or each of them may pay damages according to the extent of their respective liabilities.

In a normal car accidInjury Lawent case, you can only sue the driver of the car that hit you (though some states permit you to sue even the owner of the car though he or she wasn’t in the car.) However, in a case that involves a collision with a truck, you can go for the truck’s driver, the trucker’s employer (in case the trucker was not an independent contractor).

Sometimes the trucker may share the responsibility with the manufacturer of tires, if the truck’s tires were faulty, hence, causing the accident.

There are many other reasons why you should sue for a truck accident. The chances of success are higher than standard car accidents.

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