Tech trend

tchFrom mobile commerce to cyber security, the new tech trend will definitely change the way we work and live in big ways. If there is on theme we must take into 2015, it is this; change is accelerating, it’s no longer ubiquitous.

Here are some of the main categories to check:

#Smarter cars– Cars will also get `smarter and smarter’ in 2015. They will not convert or fly into a transfomer _ but the tech trend towards car automation will certainly continue. In addition, they may have the capacity to drive themselves (for a few minutes). BMW for instance will debut a new self parking feature this year. Drivers will have the opportunity to hop out, click a button (on their smart phone application) and send the car to search for a parking -spot.

#Wearable tech– The wearable trend will have some traction, thanks to the introduction of the Apple wrist watch. We still have not seen the uptick in terms of daily sales, but methinks it is going to slowly rise. Apple is predicting that their popularity will rise in tandem with their now ubiquitous Smartphone.

#Drones– Remote controlled drones are taking off `like absolute madness’ and is `without doubt’ a big part of the new tech trend. There are many drone toys that are already on sale, however in the works are `non-frivolous’ models that can help deliver food or medical supplies to very remote places or even fly a defibrillator to emergency locations in large cities. One company is currently manufacturing a wristband drone that will fly off…take a `selfie’ of you & then return back.

#Selfie stick- Now officially dubbed “the wand of narcissus” there’s no blocking the global domination of selfie stick. It’s designed to allow you have a wider selfie.

drone#Mobile payments- The launch of Apple pay marks the `tipping point’ for the inevitable-demise of credit cards. Apple will let the latest iPads and iPhones to pay with their devices.

#Fitness explosion- This helps monitor your fitness and mapping out the very best running-route for the area you are in. Fitness apps continue to increase and improve as people become engaged in their well being and health.

#A windows resurgence- Microsoft has not released a hugely popular OS since Windows XP, but it is promising the launch of Microsoft Window 10 that will help regain some of its lost glory. To signal this statement, the company skipped window 9, possibly to keep-up with Apple’s operating system (OS X).

Other notable mention include

#Health app for IOS 8

#Connected homes

#Connected cars

#Energy management

#Virtual reality

Last but not least I don’t think we will see too many new classifications of new tech trends but a whole-lot-of more connected products at different price point.

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