Suitable Wooden Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys enable your children to develop a broad range of skills. Such toys allow kids to have proper mental and physical development. Children can solve problems and have logical thinking abilities. There are several puzzle toys for your kids. A wood puzzle toy will help your children to develop necessary skills as they grow. Here are just some of the puzzles made of wood that you can buy for your kids.


Frog develop puzzle

The frog develops puzzle has a lot of details that will keep you little one occupied. It will enable children to Japanese Wood Puzzle Toyslearn a lot about a frog’s life cycle. This puzzle toy allows your child to discover a lot of things. It is made of non-toxic paints and plywood.

The toys help nurture skills like problem solving, persistence and shape recognition. Frog develop puzzle is suitable for children above four years. Besides, you get value for your money because it is affordable.

Helicopter puzzle

The helicopter puzzle is made of bright colors. The helicopter puzzle has the medical cross. It has 43 pieces that give your children quite a challenge putting together. This puzzle can be used by children of ages six and above. This helicopter toy is a fun way that increases your child’s imagination. The materials used are safe for your kids. Some of the skills your kids will develop are problem-solving, shape recognition and persistence.

Ocean wooden puzzle

Ocean wooden puzzle is a four piece toy that gives your children an underwater experience. Your child gets to play with whales, dolphins, octopuses and turtles. These toys are suitable for kids above one year. This toy will help develop skills such a fine motor, shape, and cognitive skills. Besides, you get to save the environment because it is made from wood. Ocean wood puzzle lasts for a long time and can be passed on to other kids in the family.

3D gecko puzzle colored

Police Car toy3D gecko puzzle is a wood puzzle toy that is unique. It offers your little one logical thinking as well as reasoning abilities. It is suitable for children who are above three years old. 3D Gecko toy is made using plantation timber that makes it an ideal toy for your child.

It is an excellent way to keep your kids busy. It will be fun to watch your child struggle to put every piece in its right place. Put a smile on his face by getting this colored 3D gecko puzzle.

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