Promotional Tumblers

Previous and long-term customers of Tervis Tumblers know that with every order is a special event. If you’re ordering a customized Tervis Tumblers for gifts, giveaways, sales incentives or special occasions, you’re making an investment to support your company or organization knowing the product is made to endure.

These tumbler cups or glasses are used mainly in general as serving glasses for all liquids. There is no Colorful plastic cupparticular shape and size of these cups. The average capacity ranges from 12oz to 20oz. These are used for alcoholic beverages, but many bars also use them as an alternate for cocktail glasses. These are designed out of high-quality polyester that surprisingly break resistant.

There are many reasons why to buy wholesale-customized tumbler cups. Some reasons to buy wholesale is mostly beneficial because they come with discount rates. This is economical and saves companies a lot of money. Also, they can be purchased in large quantities suitable for large business events. One great feature of this product is that the custom made cups are designed according to customer’s choices. They help create the product by giving it a personal touch. These personal features include size, color, shape and patterns. These whiteboard promotions custom cups are available at wholesale.

Other advantages of Tervis Tumbler products are how customers add lasting publicity for your company logo with our Tervis tumblers. Tervis is known for their superior construction, and quality printing tumblers make great alternatives if a budget or time is an immediate concern.

Customize GlassCustomers seem to like the option of having many selections to customize the tumblers with your custom artwork. Patrons have the options of embroidered patches, vinyl decals, emblems and, wraps. The pricing will vary depending on the complexity of the artwork and design layout.

The popular 16 oz. Tervis Tumbler is constructed in the United States. It is perfect for both hot and cold beverages and is microwavable safe, and can be used in the freezer and dishwasher. Tervis Tumblers fit most cup holders. The innovative tumbler also reduces condensation.

The tumbler can be used by big businesses, or the Tumblers are great merchandises for School fundraising, non-profits, and to show off your business or University’s event. There are many uses, from a nostalgic family reunion or team building company outing. Custom Tervis Tumblers also perfect corporate giveaways.

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