Fifa 2015 Review

Fifa 2015 is generally known as “Fifa 15” which is actually the latest Fifa video game that was developed and released on 23rd September 2014. Apart from Lionel Messi being featured as the main player, the game appears to be very unique due to fact that is the first series in the lineage of the games to be licensed fully by the Premier league upon its release.


The game has more improved animations that has enabled the game to show critical points that miss the player’s attention thus making the play to be more realistic and enjoyable. The very addictive Ultimate Team has enabled the players to play a wide range of tournaments that offer different rewards while each having ten divisions that give the players the morale to play and rise to the top division if they eventually win.

The greatest and striking feature of this game that has made it different from the other Fifa games is the new feature in the Career Mode, where the player can handle one player at a time thus making it easy to utilize more tactics on the opponents.

This has made the game more involving and has enabled the growth of the team making it easy to point out the players that need to be replaced with new ones. The shooting, dribbling, passing of the ball and its movements; improved team tactics and the more enthusiastic goal keepers are some key features that have been improved from the previous fifa game series. Another intriguing feature is the different sounds produced when each crowd cheers. This has set the atmosphere to be involving and unique from other fifa game series.

However, the main problem that has seen Fifa 15 receive criticism is that the players no longer show the super athlete concentration that can last for long and thus the level of mistakes in the pitch is very high; this ranging from poor handling of the ball due to the high speed that the ball is kicked at amongst other similar mistakes.fifa-15 players

With the growing number of fan base ranging from young to old, this game series ”fifa 15” has received a greater acceptance. Fifa 15 game series are available online. Most fans of the game opt to download the game on the PC as opposed to playing it online. Fifa 15 has generally received positive feedback though a part of the fan players still feel that the next series should have more improvements.


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