Download Showbox For Android And Stream Free Movie

Showbox is an amazing app that lets you stream movies, programs, and shows direct from your Android device. There are also reports that the app is being developed for PC.

Showbox is a fully trusted and approved app. Moreover, it is not associated with any virus or threat. A lot of users seem to enjoy streaming their favorite movies and TV shows.

Showbox App Features

It comes with several amazing features that are awesome. The following are some of the features you will enjoy:Using Phone


This is cost-free app. Therefore, you are not paying anything to watch different shows, serials, and movies.

Supported devices

Other than working on Android, it now works for PC and iOS. The other good thing about this movie app is that it allows downloading movies. Therefore, you can watch movies even during your free time.

Streaming sources

This app streams movies from different sites. This is to ensure you have more than enough content contents.


Nowadays, you need to stream movies using trusted and secure app. You can check a scanned certificate on the developer’s site confirming that the application is totally safe to use.

User friendly

This app shows fewer ads as compared to watching movies online. In fact, it is possible to watch a movie without advertisements popping up at any time. Moreover, it has got an appealing and beautiful interface, which lots of users like.

HD format

Showbox appUsing phone on couche supports even HD format. However, the format is based on the device’s resolution.

This movie app gives you the opportunity to stream lots of movies through your device. You are guaranteed to get your favorite TV shows and movies. The fact that you can download them makes the app great.

Downloading Showbox

This is a step by step download for Android.

  1. Download Showbox APK files on your device. This is an extension, and the file is only 2 MB.
  2. Open the APK file and install

As you realize the above procedure is very simple. If you find it difficult, you can make use of the various tutorials online. You can also contact the developers for assistance. It is the time you download the app and start streaming all the movies you want.

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