Different Types Of Vape Tricks

Vaping is slowly gaining popularity in today’s world. The following are the different types of vape tricks that will add fun to your vaping. They are classified according to your advancement in cool vape tricks as time goes.

Beginner’s vaping tricks

Huge vapor clouds

It is among the easiest to master in all the beginner tricks. It requires one to inhale a huge amount of vapor and also holding it in for long. The vapor is then released gently or better still one can blow the vapor continuously.Woman Smoking

The vape rings

This type of trick involves inhalation of the vapor and holding in in their mouth. Next, one forms a circular shape on their mouth and then release the vapor slowly. An important tip to use is by ensuring the tongue is near the opening of the mouth. One can also do the side rings. It is similar to the vape rings only that this depends on the direction of blowing the vapor.

Intermediate vaping tricks

Vape bubbles

This is similar to blowing bubbles by the kids. The main difference is filling the bubbles with vapor. The bubble blower is used for this case. One fills their mouth with the vapor. They then blow this vapor through the bubble blower. One still has the option of forming big or small bubbles.


This is meant to imitate the smoking dragon only that no fire is present. It is meant to cause vapor to be released from the nose and the sides of the mouth to release the vapor from four points. It is a great trick to impress people since it makes one be like they are a dangerous dragon. One takes a drag but does not inhale it then they use force to exhale it through the nose and both sides of the mouth.


It has always been seen that ghosts appear from a cloud of smoke and they also disappear in the same setting. This trick involves exhaling and inhaling back the smoke. The inhalation creates the illusion of a ghost disappearing by being sucked back. One has to inhale a huge amount of vapor by taking a long drag then letting it linger in the mouth. The next thing is exhaling it in a ball shape.

French inhale

This trick involves exhaling the vapor through the mouth and inhaling the same through their nostrils concurrently. One has to direct the vapor via their lips to the nose so that they inhale it as they exhale. It involves taking a long drag then letting it out gently then inhaling it through the nose.

Advanced tricks


This trick involves inhaling the vapor then using one’s lower lips to help in filtering the vapor hence causing a bane mask effect.


This requires one to have mastered the rings and can make them thicker so as to be able to bend the rings to form triangles.Blowing Vape Smoke

Overachiever vape tricks

Jellyfish trick

This also requires mastery of the rings trick since it involves blowing a ring over another ring.

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